The men and women of the Patrol Division are responsible for enforcing state and municipal laws and regulations designed to protect life and property.  They maintain order by patrolling the city to preserve the peace and to prevent crime.  Officers take criminal reports and interview witnesses and suspects for a various transgression and apprehend fugitives and criminals.  All officers are trained to collect evidence and give testimony in court.  They can conduct investigations for all misdemeanor and many felony cases.  Part of an officerís duties includes directing traffic, issuing traffic tickets, investigating accidents, and making arrests.  They participate in crime prevention, public information, and safety programs and all patrol officers maintain closer contact with the public than any other section of the police department.


The Bicycle Patrol Unit traverses the cities bike path, parks, streets, and more.†


The Presque Isle Police Department also patrols the many miles of ATV trails within our jurisdiction and enforces state rules and regulations as well as city ordinances associated with operating an All Terrain Vehicle.



Officers selected for assignment to the Detective Division are chosen for their knowledge, skills and abilities they exhibited as patrol officers and for their desire to do the specific job for which they have applied.  Members of the Criminal Investigation Division receive extensive specialized training to help develop them into capable interviewers and investigators.  The Detectives Division is the unit that investigates all, but is not limited to, major felony crimes in Presque Isle.  The goal of the division is to be proactive seeking out all documented persons who participate in illegal felony activities and to take an aggressive stance, enforcing the laws to protect citizens against crime.  Our detectives work with several state, county, and local agencies to investigate its cases and to network information.  When necessary the division works with federal law enforcement agencies such as INS, IRS, DEA, FBI, and ATF.  All Detectives work very closely with the District Attorney's Office to ensure proper legal practices before apprehending experienced criminals who may try to escape prosecution on technicalities. 


The Crime Scene Investigations Unit responds to any incident where fingerprints, footprints, DNA evidence, and many other types of evidence can be recovered to aid in solving crimes.† The department has a state of the art facility for processing certain types of evidence and works closely with the Maine State Police Crime Lab to process evidence.†




The Bloodhound Search Team is capable of tracking missing and lost persons as well as tracking criminals by following human scent.†


The Narcotics Detection K9 Unit is capable of detecting illegal narcotics through various searches during routine patrol activities.† The unit routinely conducts searches of vehicles during routine traffic stops, packages at UPS and FedEx facilities, checked baggage in the luggage compartments of Cyr Bus Lines, and checked baggage at the Northern Maine Regional Airport.† The unit also offers it services to neighboring law enforcement agencies upon their request.







The Presque Isle Police Department is equipped with an advanced communication section that provides the vital link between officers and the community.† We are equipped with nine separate telephone lines, two which are dedicated to only 911 emergency calls, a TTY phone for our deaf citizens,† and two-way radio communication with nearly every police agency in our region.† Our dispatchers are highly trained and are able to calmly approach any situation and offer a reassuring voice to distressed persons as well as those looking to have questions answered.† The communication section also serves as the dispatching authority for the Presque Isle Fire Department, The Ashland Police and Fire Departments and Mapleton Fire Department and First Responders, ensuring a timely response to any emergency that arises in those areas.



The Department Support Staff have a wide variety of duties that include department personnel records, payroll, complaint and prosecution report record keeping, and tracking all traffic summonses issued by patrol officers.† Without the knowledge and dedication of the support staff, the Presque Isle Police Department could not function and serve the community with the efficiency and competence our citizens expect from our professional organization.† We are also staffed with a custodian that maintains our facility in top-notch shape.



The Presque Isle Police Department has an Animal Control Officer that specializes in the capture of stray domestic animals and investigates complaints involving animal bites and abuse/neglect.

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